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[Theaters and Anglophone Films in Esslingen] ♦♦[How to eat smokefree in Esslingen and surrounding?]

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Welcome on my Site about Esslingen.

You will find some tipps where you can see Anglophone Films in Esslingen and surrounding. Also you get some hints, how you can find them in the programm of the local movie theaters without understanding German.

There is also a big open air movie festival inside the castle of Esslingen. If you want to get information on this "Kino auf der Burg" you can visit the german pages about the "Kino auf der Burg". The films on the open air event in Esslingen are all in German, but there is also each year a silent movie film.

If you want to eat in a restaurant, you can find a lot of nice restaurants in Esslingen. But unfortunately you have to inhale the smoke of smokers. If you want to avoid it, you need some smokefree restaurants.